8 Easy Steps to Square Foot Gardening

04 12 16

Written By Garden Starters

With space effectiveness and organization being key variables in making your spring crop a success, many gardeners have taken to square foot gardening as their planting model.  The best part is that it’s easy!  Follow these 8 simple steps below to start your own square foot garden!


1)  Plan your Location: Consider space, light and drainage when deciding on your location. Level the ground using a rake and flat 2×4 board.

2)  Draw out the Plan: Do the math and draw out the plan.  Ensure you design the box in one foot increments.  4’x4′ is the most common sized square foot garden.

3) Gather Materials: Four 2’x8′ wooden boards, 3″ Wood Screws, Drill (robertson bit), pencil, string, soil, cardboard/gardening cloth, tape measure, small nails and of course, Garden Starters plants.

4) Build Box: Lay your boards in your desired geometry (square or rectangle) and screw 3″ wood screws into each overlapping end.  Ensure the boards are flush with each other on edges. Use a vice or friend to help hold while fastening.



5) Weed Protection: Lay down gardening cloth or cardboard at the bottom of the box to protect plants from weeds.

6) Fill:  Fill your garden box with soil.  Get a high quality, ideally organic soil.

7) Plot Squares: Use a pencil to mark the top of the box every 12 inches.  Hammer in finishing nails on each mark, then run string across the box to each parallel nail.  Some gardeners exchange string for thin 1″x1.5″ lumber.

8) Plant:  When you are ready to plant your Garden Starters, use your new plots to plant your vegetables, herbs and annuals.  Enjoy your new efficient, organized and fun garden box!

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Happy Gardening from your Garden Starters Team 🙂


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