Exploring Herb Cultures

03 31 17

Written By Brendan

From Ancient Rome, India and Greece, herbs have long been an integral part of the evolution of culinary culture in our world.  The taste they give, the health benefits they provide and the recreation allowed for gardeners are all important parts of our horticulture and foods background!

While Garden Starters offers a variety of pre-configured combination kits, we would like to offer a few awesome ideas on how you can create your own herb gardens with a touch of culture added 🙂


Greek Herbs

The use of Greek herbs is typically simple, but effective.  Lamb, fish and vegetables are staples in the diet that centers on Mediterranean origins.

Top herbs used for Greek dishes

Pesto Basil





Italian Herbs

While the Greeks may have been first, many would argue that Italian bettered them.  With a richer use of herbs and sauces, Italian food is worldwide favourite.

Top herbs used in Italian dishes:

Garlic Chives

Parsley Italian Single




Try using the links above to assemble your own Greek or Italian gardens.  Alternatively, explore our 20+ different herbs to create your own masterpiece in the garden and the kitchen.  Remember, herbs typically love a rich, moist soil to have success!  Lots of natural sunlight and care goes a long way for the quality you end up with!


Happy Gardening! 🙂

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