Why Gardening Became So Fun

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Written By Jack

I’ll be honest. I am not what you might call a “gifted” gardener. I have had some great successes, but also memorable failures. Some vegetable crops just did not stop producing, while others just did not bear any fruit that season. And those pesky weeds. Gardening can be a lot of work.

So why has gardening become fun?


Here are two reasons:

1. It became a family event. As a dad of three beautiful children, I want our family to eat well. Growing our own vegetables and herbs assures me that I know where the products comes from, and has encouraged our children to eat more vegetables and herbs.
After we receive our “garden starters” package, we all take part in planting the vegetable garden. It is amazing how many “these are mine” can be heard during this experience.
Some of my favorite vegetables so far have been zucchini, cucumbers, lettuce, kale and peppers. My eldest son closely monitored his pepper plant for a few months, and was so excited to harvest the first pepper for the summer. It was almost sad to see “Mr. Bell Boy” in the salad that evening.

2. We container garden. I’ve purchased two 19 inch planters and placed them on our deck (close to the barbecue and our kitchen). Each spring, we fill up the containers with high quality soil and plant about 10 different herbs in each container … and just watch them grow together. With clean soil and the container filled with a mix of herbs, the weeds don’t stand a chance. These planters make herb gardening super easy!


The best part is that when we barbecue, there is always that period while you wait for the meat or vegetables to cook; during that time, the kids and I will be standing around the herb garden, tasting all the different herb flavors. There is nothing like eating your own fresh dill, rosemary, mint, or basil. Its’ even better, when your toddler tries a herb he does not like and spits it out.


The experience of growing things that you can eat, and you know are good for you, make the journey so much more rewarding.
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It might just be that perfect gift that keeps giving…

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