Gardening with Kids

02 25 17

Written By Jeremy

How it affects your child’s mind, body and soul.


Spring is an excellent time to get into the garden and spend time bonding with your kids.  Don’t let the idea overwhelm you.  Planting herbs and easy to grow veggies like cherry tomatoes and zucchini create a lot of fun without much fuss.  Not only will you receive a bountiful harvest from your investment, the act of gardening can have a positive effect on your child’s mind, body and soul.



Children who spend time in the garden, growing and tending to their plants, become fascinated with how it all works. The wonder of actively seeing a garden grow can spark questions like: Why do the plants need sun? Why are worms good for plants? and when do they need to drink?  Soon you will be discussing soil composition, photosynthesis and much more with your little one.

Once you harvest your produce, there are many brain building vitamins, minerals and nutrients your kids will be eating to continue boosting brain development.  Spinach and beets have been shown to help with cognitive function.



When children participate in gardening, the fruits and veggies of your harvest will have a positive effect on their body.  These days all kids could benefit from a little more physical activity and sunshine they’ll receive while frolicking in the garden. Activities like moving soil, digging and pushing a wheelbarrow can promote strength and an overall increase in fitness.



In this electronic age, with endless gadgets consuming our space, it is important for kids to have a meaningful family connection.  There is nothing like time in the garden to promote such a connection. Planting seeds and watching them grow gives kids a sense of purpose and responsibility. Caring for our plants and outdoor environment may lead to healthy and caring kids who are stewards for the environment.


There is nothing quite like the smiling face of a child when they bite into a ripe carrot or cucumber that they helped grow with their family.


Our Country Gardener combo kits are a great start to introducing your kids into the garden.


Happy Gardening


Source: Nimali Fernando, MD, MPH and Melanie Potock, MA, CCC-SLP [ article]

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