Save Money, Plant Now!

03 03 16

Written By Garden Starters

With the cost of grocery store produce rising steeply in the past year, regular Canadians have taken back to their gardens with the mission of growing their own food, and keeping money in their own pockets.

“Prices are rising exponentially,” advised Jon Bell, president of the B.C. Association of Farmers’ Markets, in a recent article from The Province. “You find people saying they will put in a greenhouse to start producing their own food.”

Considering the yield of a single Garden Starters’ cucumber can exceed over 20 fruits, there is some major savings to be had here!

For other gardeners, it isn’t about the cost savings, but the joy of leisure and exercise.  Gardening gets you outside, moving and enjoying life to the fullest.  If you can cut down on your grocery bill while doing this though, all the better!

Check out this great article from The Province here!


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