Top 4 Health Benefits from Gardening

02 07 17

Written By Brendan

Before digging in deep, and making the decision to plan a spring 2017 garden, customers often ask the question, “is it worth it?”.  Our answer unequivocally is yes, if good health is a priority for you!

While there is a myriad of reasons to get started in the Garden, we have compiled a brief list of the Top 4 Health Benefits for Gardening that should be considered:


Vitamin D – if you’ve taken a brief look outside recently, you will have noticed that being outdoors is somewhat difficult.  Gardening outdoors is an awesome way to increase vitamin D intake from the sun.  Vitamin D controls intake for calcium and phosphorous absorption, maintenance of healthy bones and teeth, and has been known to fight against multiple types of diseases. (source)


Better Diet – Starting a vegetable and herb garden not only helps you know the source of your food, but it also helps give you the extra motivation to increase produce consumption.  Having 8 or more servings of vegetables or fruit a day, has shown considerable decreases in risk of cardiovascular health issues.  (source)


Stress Reduction and Mental Benefits – People who spend more time outside have lower levels of stress, have more consistent mental clarity and show stronger overall mental health.  Get gardening outside! (source)


Build Strength – Whether working on shoveling out weeds, or doing some planting on your hands and knees, your muscles are hard at work.  Gardening is an excellent way of keeping dexterity, balance, flexibility and strength in your muscles.  (source)


Happy Gardening!

Team Garden Starters 🙂

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