7 Easy Tips When Harvesting Your Tomatoes

08 05 16

Written By Brendan

The month of August has arrived, and your tomatoes may very well be ready to harvest!   Garden Starters has compiled a brief, but important list of key tips to remember when harvesting your hard earned fruit!


Is the fruit ready?

  • Start by observing the tomato’s colour.  If the tomato has turned red on the vine it is likely ready to harvest (or yellow, if it is a yellow tomato).  Be careful to ensure there is uniform colour on the tomato (no green should be left on the back side, or underneath the tomato).
  • Test the firmness to double check whether or not the fruit is ready.  Typically, the tomato should have just a little bit of soft give to it.  Be careful not to bruise the fruit while checking.

How to Pick the Tomato?

  • Grasp the ripened fruit gently, but with a firm hold.  Carefully use your thumb to push on the stem notch connected to the fruit until it snaps off of the vine.  Alternatively, use a pair of garden clippers to cut the stem a half inch away from the fruit.  We would recommend the latter for hard to reach tomatoes.
  • Ensure to wash the fruit well before enjoying!

Facts to Remember!

  • Tomatoes always ripen from inside first.  If the tomato appears to be ripe on the outside, it will be ripe on the inside!
  • Warmth is the most important thing contributing towards the tomato’s ripeness.  Additionally, ensure to be vigilant in watering as the tomato nears harvest time.
  • Ensure to harvest before the fruit over-ripens!  When the tomato becomes overly soft, and is 100% coloured, you know you may be harvesting late.


Enjoy your Garden Starter tomatoes in a sandwhich, soup, salad, or just as a healthy snack!


Happy Gardening!

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